Luminous Efficacy; 140lm/w

Luminous Flux: 7000lm

CCT: 6000K

CRI: 80

Beam Angle: 90°



50W LED Street Light

​Optical Diffuser : Silicone sealed clear lens, allowing IP65
Laser cut steel housing electrostatically sprayed with a polyester  powder paint finish, following anti-corrosion priming
Working Ambient Temperature -20° t0 +45°C
Rated Life 35,000 hrs (Rated at LM70)​

Applications for Parking Bays and Roadways

Dimensions: 37cmx13x6cm

Gross Weight: 1.3kg

Mounting size: 53mm


Power Consumption: 50W

Operating Voltage: 100 - 277V AC

Power Factor: 0.97

Frequency: 50Hz

THD: 15%

Flicker Index: 0.15


eLighting LED Tubes


     LED Lighting Manufacturer T T8 LED Tubs5 LED Tubes

Street light can be mounted on to a Pole with a maximum diameter of 53mm

Made in South Africa LED tubes

Producing "directional" light -- light emitted in one direction, rather than a diffused glow -- LED can be used to illuminate specific areas which is ideal for street lighting. eLighting has launched it's very own first LED street light in a robust IP65 fitting utilising a Bridgelux LED chipset this luminaire produces 140lm/w while surpresing  glare to meet  and exceed European standards. elighting has specified an encapsulated driver power the the street light from 100 - 277VAC and achieving 0.97 power factor enroute to minimum lifespan of 35 000 hours at LM70.

Blue light hazard has been and still is a major concern in the LED industry. eLighting only incorporates LED's which are free of blue light in Hazard in our street lights and other solid state lighting products. Contact eLighting for any required certification, test reports and IES files.

Adopting the use of LED street lights offers  benefits in the form of decreased utility costs through to being more energy efficient as opposed HPS counterparts. LED lights which have have been designed correctly utilising quality components will see a luminaire lifespan which far exceeds the of high pressure sodium street lights.