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        T8G56                                 T8 1500MM 6000k LED TUBE  GREEN SERIES                     23W                                6000K                                      > 0.96                                          2070LM                                           < 80

Construction Green Series LED Tubes



LED Tubes

Colours Green Series Tubes

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           T8G26                               T8 600MM 6000k LED TUBE  GREEN SERIES                       9W                               6000K                                      > 0.96                                          810LM                                               < 80

        T8G54                                 T8 1500MM 4000k LED TUBE  GREEN SERIES                     23W                                 4000K                                      > 0.96                                         2024LM                                           < 80






Green Series LED Tubes

          T8G44                               T8 1200MM 4000k LED TUBE  GREEN SERIES                   18W                                  4000K                                      > 0.96                                        1585LM                                            < 80



eLighting LED Tube


The eLighting LED T8 Green series is a world class LED tube manufactured in South Africa. A linear fluorescent replacement providing  savings in excess of 50%, delivering over 90 lumens per watt. 

The Commercial T8 lamp is available in two options of colour temperatures, 4000K and 6000K. It is easy to install and fits into linear fluorescent fixtures, making it a perfect upgrade solution where energy savings and long life are essential.

           T8G24                              T8 600MM 4000k LED TUBE  GREEN SERIES                        9W                               4000K                                      > 0.96                                          790LM                                               < 80

Green Series LED Tubes

  • Utilizes reliable robust electronic capacitors
  • Efficacy : 90 lm/w at an average power factor of 0.97
  • Lamp Delivered Light Output : 810 - 2150 lumens per LED tube lamp (dependant on lamp size & CCT)
  • CCT Available : 4000K & 6000K 
  • Lamp Watts : 9W (600mm), 18W (1200mm), 23W (1500mm).
  • Input Voltage : 100-277 VAC
  • Guaranteed 3 Year high performance driver life span 
  • Made in South Africa : >65% Local Content.


  •     Upgrades existing T8 fluorescent lamps to a more energy efficient eco friendly alternative LED Tubes.
  •     Universally compatible with most existing T8 Fittings, offering the ultimate in flexibility.
  •     Instant start, Flicker free and Silent
  •     Up to 50% energy savings with a payback of less than 18 months compared to ineffective fluorescents
  •     Virtually eliminates costly re-lamping, offering significant maintenance savings
  •     Safe, Single ended input design.

Construction & Materials

  • Shatterproof design, which is free of glass and mercury.
  • Dow Corning adhesive (USA)
  • 99% Gold pure gold wire LED chips
  • Intematix phosphors
  • 24lm 0.2W 2835 LED (F. Current 60mA, F. Voltage 3.2V)
  • Impact Resistant Polycarbonate lens

Light Distribution

  • ​Specialised Polycarbonate lens designed for optimal light distribution and a smooth visual effect.
  • A light weight thermoplastic  specifically sourced to reduce glare.
  • 150˚ Beam angle distribution.
  • Measured and designed in accordance to achieve optimal light performance in existing fluorescent fittings.
  • LEDs (IEC 62471 certification) Free of blue light hazard.

Electrical Parameters

  • High-efficiency Constant Current Driver developed by eLighting.
  • Output 50V -85V
  • CE-EMC Certification.
  • Driver to remodulate current to LEDs
  • Power Factor: = >0.96 nominal
  • Input Voltage: 100-277V, 50/60Hz
  • Operating Temperature Range: -25 ̊C - + 45 ̊C 
  • Total Harmonic Distortion: < 15%
  • Durable Long life aluminium electrolytic capacitors
  • Radio Frequency Interference Free


         T8G46                                T8 1200MM 6000k LED TUBE  GREEN SERIES                    18W                                6000K                                      > 0.96                                         1620LM                                            < 80