LED Lighting Manufacturer T T8 LED Tubs5 LED Tubes

34W 1200mm Report / IES

Made in South Africa LED tubes

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LED linear trunking lights are available in suspended and surface-mounted versions. It is very easy to mount the linear system by hand without tools, saving both time and costs. Suspension height adjustment is also entirely tool-free. Even with new installations, only trunking rail and corresponding mounting hardware is needed.

Suspension mounting brackets have been designed to allow maximum ease and speed during installation. 

The position of the mounting bracket can still be changed once clicked onto the trunking rail, ensuring maximum flexibility. All brackets are simply clicked on the trunking rail. They are suitable for direct fixation, with rods, chains or cords for suspension fixation.

eLighting LED Tubes


Residential Lighting
Department Stores

Installation & Maintenance

Mounted with wall mounting bracket
Power Supply should be disconnected before service

Specifications & Features

Extruded aluminum batten with highly efficient PC Opal Diffuser.
High energy saving Vis a Vis Traditional fluorescent - 35% compared to T5 FTL fixture.
Direct power supply port with feasibility for series connection
Over load, over voltage, short circuit and reverse polarity protection
Integrated constant current driver with PF > 97%
More than 85% driver efficiency with < 13% Current THD
Equipped with 2.5KV Surge Protection
Wide operating voltage 100 - 277Vac
Color Rendering Index (CRI) > 82
Working ambient temperature -20°C to + 45°C
Rated Life 50,000Hrs (Ta= 30°C @ L70)
High intensity of illumination with 120°beam angle
Uniform dispersion of light & excellent glare control
Instant start without flash & humming
Electric wave & radio interference free
Without mercury ,UV & IR radiation