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Types of Application


Fruits and vegetables

The fruit and vegetable section often takes centre stage at the entrance of a supermarket. The colours of fresh, appetising green produce tempt customers and turn their minds to buying. The CCT (correlated colour temperature) of FRUIT module is ideal to support the vibrancy of rich natural colours and ensures that customers can easily assess the quality of the items.

Bread, pastries and cheese

Few things are more tempting than freshly-baked goods and tasty cheese. Often bought on impulse, they positively influence a supermarket’s turnover. The warm, brownish shades of GOLD CCT add a crispy look, enhancing the colour, while with the golden shades of GOLD+ we can achieve the ”fresh out of the oven” appearance to make sure bakery products cannot be overlooked.

​Meat, cold cuts and poultry

As the most sensitive product group, it is important to use lighting that minimises deterioration and displays items in a way that cannot mislead customers about their condition. Light sources with MEAT module inside are ideal for highlighting the freshness of displayed meat products while ensuring that white elements remain naturally white. The extra MEAT+ is recommended to emphasize red colour tones even more.

Fish, frozen products and dairy

Such products are displayed in special cabinets that are maintained at low temperatures. It is therefore beneficial to use cool white light of the FISH module to support the perception of freshness.

Fresh Produce Lighting


Beside its functional value, lighting is a key factor in creating a distinctive store image and highlighting the brand. It is not only enhancing the look and appeal of the merchandise, but also affects the feeling of the space itself. Applying different modules inside the luminaires with various colour temperatures and colour points enhance the attraction of products by supporting their natural colours and highlighting certain tones. On the other hand, with professional food lighting supermarkets are able to foster the in-store experience and attain customer loyalty as well.

Sea Food Lighting

Meat Display Lighting

Bakery Lighting

Meat Display Lighting

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